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Precision Carbine Course w/ Lodging

Precision Carbine Course w/ Lodging

$ 1,700.00

Our precision carbine course is designed for both scoped carbine shooters wanting to get better and those who hunt predators and hogs, or even big game with their AR15/AR10 rifle. Shooting a carbine is different from a bolt gun, being consistent with one can be more difficult if you do not know what you are doing right or wrong. The shooting portion of this course is only two days long but you get lodging for 3 nights and 8 chef cooked meals while you are there. 

Our venue is located in Hamlin, Texas (NW of Abilene).We have a 1,000 yard fixed range with steel targets from 300-1000 and paper targets from 100-200. We also have steel targets set up in multiple stages for unknown distance/field shooting conditions. Our classes include all lodging and home cooked meals ensure you will eat good. This is not your typical course where there is one instructor teaching 12-14 people. We have 3 instructors with a max student count of 12 ensures you will have not only teaching, but individual coaching. We know that this subject can be confusing, that's why having several instructors there helps ensure you get the coaching you need to build the confidence to make those shots. Spotting scopes will be provided and if you do not have match ammo for your rifle get with us to discuss what we have available and the discounts you can receive. We can also have it shipped there for you when you arrive to avoid traveling with it. Here are some of the subjects covered. 


•Semi Auto Precision techniques

•Basic Carbine operations including malfunction clearing

•Positional shooting techniques (Shooting sticks, Barricades, Stumps, terrain etc)

•Hunting UKD scenario targets

•Using ballistic apps

•Reading the environmental conditions

•Effectively using their scope reticles to hold over for wind and distance

•Building a dope card

•Shooting steel and paper targets from 25 yards up to 1,000 yards or max distance of the rifle/caliber


Day 1. Arrival by 6pm. In brief and dinner. 

Day 2. Fixed range KD targets 

Day 3. Field scenarios and UKD targets. 

Day 4. Depart by 12pm. (You can depart on day 3 after the course is over if you want)

Requirements NOTE!!! Contact us if you question this BEFORE purchasing anything you think you might need. No one likes to waste money. 

  • Quality scoped carbine with external adjustable turrets. 
  • Calibers can be 5.56/223, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel, 308, 243, 22 Nosler. Others can be approved but ask us to be sure.
  • At least 3x20 round mags and 2 30 round mags
  • 200-300 rounds of Match ammo and 100 rounds of plinking ammo. (Contact us if you need some)
  • Rear bag for your rifle (We suggest Sand Sock Gear size medium and large)
  • Bipod
  • Rifle case that can be transported easily.
  • Sling
  • Notepad and pen 



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